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Safe Swim Saves Lives

Elevate your swimming abilities with our specialized courses designed for both children and adults, and become a next-level swimmer.

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Winter Swim Lessons Make Summer Swimmers

Learning to swim takes more than a summer. Prepare your kids for parties, beach trips, vacations and days at the pool next summer by starting your water safety journey this winter. Safe Swim brings accessible swim lessons to New Orleans area all year long. We use a play-based curriculum and trauma informed practices to help babies 2 months old to adults learn water safety and how to swim.

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Don't wait for the summer. Register now for our indoor swim lessons in a heated, warm water pool.

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Our Offerings

Our classes are held between 8 am - 12 noon Saturdays and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 4-7:30. Click on the links below to find the exact time/schedule for your needs. Because there are many offerings, try filtering by day/time or level if needed. If you look through the classes can't find an opening for your needs, email us at and we will assist you.


Baby/Toddler and Me


Preschool Aged (3-5)


School Aged (6-12)


Adaptive Aquatics


Teen Swim (13-17)


Adult Swim


Our goals are to make swim instruction accessible for all people in order to save lives and inspire the next generation of leaders in aquatics.

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Recommended Days Per Week


1 days/week

Not recommended for any level. Learning to swim requires consistent reinforcement and 1 day per week doesn't provide enough repetition for optimal growth. While the swimmer will learn, it will take much longer to reach objectives. Only infants 2-5 months should consider this option.

2 days/week

Ideal for infants 2-5 months

Good option for teen/adult or swimmers with special needs.

Minimum for intermediates or advanced

3 days/week

Ideal for swimmers with special needs

Good option for intermediates and advanced

Minimum for beginners and babies 6 months and older

4+ days/week

Highly encouraged if swimmer has a pool in the family or regular exposure to water

Ideal for beginners and babies

The best and fastest way for most swimmers to learn


Learn More About Our Programs


Ages 8 weeks to 35 months

We are passionate about teaching babies water safety skills because we know drowning is the leading cause of accidental childhood death for kids 1-4. We teach our students to float if they fall in the water and then to swim to safety while educating parents on how to be safer around the water.


We use gentle, play-based and trauma- informed methods with our babies, building trust, connection and communication while teaching them life saving skills. Our classes also aid in babies’ development. Did you know that babies who swim outperform their peers in developmental milestones? Our program develops the linguistic, physical, sensory, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills and psychosocial needs of infants and toddlers. We offer standard and community lessons for this age group.

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts, questions and comments and we will be sure to reach back to you as soon as possible.

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