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About Us

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About Safe Swim

Welcome to Safe Swim, the premier swim academy dedicated to providing high-quality swim instruction and promoting water safety for children and adults of all ages. Our goal is to empower swimmers to become confident and competent in the water, while fostering a love and respect for swimming and aquatic activities.

We take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities, which include heated indoor and outdoor pools, as well as cutting-edge equipment and technology to enhance the learning experience. Our pools are carefully maintained to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for swimmers of all ages.


Swimming classes are held in small groups

core values

What Makes Safe Swim 
Stand Out From the Others


our core values are safety, quality, and fun. These values guide everything we do, from the way we teach to the way we interact with our students and their families.

we prioritize the safety of our students above all else. We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe in the water, and we take every precaution necessary to ensure that our students are learning in a safe and comfortable environment.

we are committed to instilling a lifelong love of swimming in our students while empowering them with the skills to be safe in and around the water. Our core values of safety, quality, and fun guide everything we do, and we are dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction and support for our students and their families.

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Our Team

Our diverse team represents the diverse needs of our community. We are proud to have all adult instructors who have extensive experience working with children in educational settings. We use trauma-informed instruction to meet our swimmers needs compassionately and patiently. 

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Coach Caitlin




Front Desk

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Front Desk

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Coach Kaci



Coach Kheri'

Site Director

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Coach Solé


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Coach Yesenia

Deck Supervisor / Coach

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Coach Roya


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Coach Christine

Instructor / Deck supervisor

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Our Teaching Philosophy & Methods

Our Teaching Philosophy & Methods


Safe Swim is an educational and childhood development center that specializes in aquatic skills. At Safe Swim our teaching philosophy is rooted in accessibility and childhood development. We believe that all people should learn to swim in an environment where they feel safe, included and celebrated.

Play- Based

Traditionally, an authoritative approach to swim instruction has been a popular approach in learn-to-swim community. Typically the teacher tells the swimmer what to do and the swimmer is forced or expected to participate without regard to the swimmer’s fears, apprehensions or discomfort. For example, a swimmer will be expected to go underwater, even if they are not ready, or a baby is forced on their back to float even though they are petrified and crying. We recognize that each swimmer has bodily autonomy, unique developmental needs, and fears or concerns that are to be respected in each lesson.


We do not force swimmers to participate with aggressive teaching methods that subject swimmers to pain, fear or distress. Because of our unique play-based methods, choice and collaboration are built into each lesson so that the swimmer has the chance to co-create the lesson within the parameters of our objectives and goals.
Another essential component of our philosophy is that children learn through play. We utilized play-based instruction in our classes to reach class objectives. We employ the use of songs, movement, music, roleplay, and exploration in class for swimmers to learn intuitively and tear free. This method works wonders for our students, especially swimmers who are anxious or afraid, swimmers with neurodivergence, swimmers with abundant energy and young swimmers.

Our curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to help swimmers of all levels develop the skills they need to swim safely and confidently. We offer a comprehensive program that includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


Our instructors work closely with each student to ensure that they are progressing at their own pace and are reaching their full potential.

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