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Teen Swim (13-17)

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These classes are specially designed for swimmers with special needs who would benefit from additional accommodations in class.

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Teen Swim (13-17)

Swimming is a life skill and a great form of exercise. Your teen can join us to learn everything from water safety basics to preparing for swim team. They will have fun and get great exercise while doing it!

Our Adaptive Aquatics program provides the same play-based focus as our other programs but with additional support built in to help children with special needs learn the basics of water safety and beyond. Our experienced instructors work closely with each child and their family to create an individualized program that addresses their specific needs and goals.

At Safe Swim, we understand that every child is different, which is why we provide additional accommodations as needed to ensure that every child can participate and succeed in our Adaptive Aquatics program. Our facilities are equipped with specialized equipment, including ramps and lifts, to make it easier for children with physical disabilities to access the water.

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