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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to learn to swim?
  • What is the pricing?
    We offer three distinct options to suit your needs: Community Group, Standard, and Semi-Private.
  • What age can my child begin?
    We offer classes from babies 2 months old to adults
  • Do I have to enter the water with my child?
    Swimmers in our Baby and me class (35 months and younger) must be accompanied in the water by a guardian. Swimmers 3+ Do not require a guardian to enter. Swimmers 3+ in our water acclimation classes may benefit from a guardian sitting near by if they are very uncomfortable or unwilling to swim with an instructor. Swimmers who frequently elope or cannot remain seated between turns may be asked to have a guardian sit nearby for safety. This will be decided on the case by case basis.
  • What equipment does my swimmer need?
    Your child will need their swim suit and towel to dry off. If your swimmer is not potty trained we require a water diaper or disposable diaper in addition to the suit. Goggles and caps are not required but encouraged for ages 3+.
  • How many days per week are classes?
  • What is the ratio of swimmers to instructors?
    The maximum is 4:1 for our group classes ages 3+. For our baby and me we schedule 5 swimmers per class, each with an adult.
  • Are these summer classes?
    No, we swim all year long. Learning to swim takes more than two months so we encourage you to continue classes beyond August.
  • Do you offer makeups?
    Yes, Safe Swim offers makeups if we have to cancel class on our end due to weather or pool closures. We do not offer makeups for missed classes due to personal reasons.
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